Learn about the type of hosting company right for your business

Learn about the type of hosting company right for your business

What types are available and which will you need for your business?

Have you heard the term web hosting before and did you even know that you needed it before a website could start running? There are some different types of web hosting options that you can choose from. For this article, we have focused on the three main types that your web provider and the majority of other web hosting providers will offer as part of their services. Do not be confused about what to choose, take a step by step approach to making the right decision. Some things to keep in mind while reading this article

  1. How much traffic do I get to my company?
  1. Is my information sensitive?
  1. How much do I usually spend on web hosting?
  1. Do I need my company to run 24 hours a day?
  1. Is my business taskcritical and can not afford downtime?

Basically, make sure you know so much about your websites business needs before making a decision about type hosting to go for. Before you reach the web hosting step, you must have registered your domain name or at least have thought about the domain name you are using and have also considered the company you are going to use to register your domains. You can then use the article as a guide to make a more informed decision.

Now that youve made the first crucial step, the next step is to look at choosing the right kind of host for your domain. There are some different types that a web host can offer and choose the right for you business needs can be a little scary. Here are some explanations that help you understand the different types much better.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting plans are the most popular form of hosting. As the name suggests, this is a shared service where you will share a server where your site is hosted with a number of other websites. Many websites of different sizes will all share the same server. Because of its sharing nature, it is the cheapest of all host types. But some people tend to think that is also at least safe. Many service providers have worked hard to ensure that they still offer quality with regard to their shared hosting plans. If you choose this plan, your research should investigate


Available disk space


Userfriendly control panel

Dedicated server

This is the strongest result of any web hosting company. As proposed by the name as opposed to shared hosting, this hosting is dedicated to your online business. All hosting features and performance will be used only for your website and no other website external to the business can share this server. This is a powerful server and is intended for a site that drives traffic volumes every day that would require more storage, bandwidth and a guaranteed uptime that websites that use the shared hosting may not need.

With dedicated servers, you can choose to manage or manage dedicated hosting. Again as the names mean if you or employee has technical knowledge and resources about managing a server, it can be more cost effective to deal with the job internally. If this is not always possible, web hosting is provided and they will handle everything outside of the content in place.

Virtual Private Servers

Or sometimes, a VPS Hosting is my way between shared and dedicated hosting. If you did not need anything as powerful as engaged but still need something stronger than shared, then VPS is the way to go. Virtual server hosting is usually used by small and medium businesses and is usually reasonably priced. With virtual hosting, web hosting shows a virtualization of a server that is divided into several virtual servers. This type eliminates the inconvenience of having a technically dedicated server and associated costs and still giving you an illusion of a private server that differs from the shared option.

These are the most important hosting options that most companies will provide you with. The next step for you is to know more about each and finally make a decision on the type of host you should choose.

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