Dec 29, 2016

#WATCHPORN 2016 – Best of Watches shot by TheWATCHES.tv


In this video, no big speeches, no blabla, but just a compilation of some of the great watches we had the opportunity to film in 2016. So, just enjoy this moment of pure bliss and a great and happy new year to all!

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  • Raffael Schützenhofer

    Raffael Schützenhofer

    Great music choice for great watches!

    Dec 31, 2017

  • Wen-Lih Chen

    Wen-Lih Chen

    Could you please tell me what are those horses at the end of the video? Are there more videos about them? Many thanks.

    Sep 05, 2017

  • mayur kulkarni

    mayur kulkarni

    you werent kidding when you said porn 3:07 :D

    Sep 02, 2017

  • mayur kulkarni

    mayur kulkarni

    OMG, I am binge watching watch videos again, I should sleep...

    Sep 02, 2017

  • Jay Remi

    Jay Remi

    Wow, what a great video. And really cool music. Thanks!

    Aug 20, 2017

  • Luiz Henrique Vieira

    Luiz Henrique Vieira

    What is the model and brand of watch in 2:38 time lapse?

    Apr 06, 2017

  • wawan hermawan

    wawan hermawan

    this video is my 19 months old daughter favorite video,,every time i open video gallery on my phone(yes i saved in my phone, is it ok?), she said "jam yah,,hp jam yah"/"watch daddy,,watch phone daddy". :)

    Feb 03, 2017

  • Tim


    what's the watch at 1:51 ?

    Jan 19, 2017

  • Agentxphile


    Sexy Vid banging that Gramatik.

    Jan 17, 2017

  • An Sung

    An Sung

    do you have a website that have collection of these photo in high resolution. I would use they as wallpaper and print them out and put them on my wall.

    Jan 07, 2017

  • Pawn Hearts

    Pawn Hearts

    No Lange? :(

    Jan 06, 2017

  • George Boaru

    George Boaru

    Good good good! Great video as always!

    Jan 03, 2017

  • India Kilo

    India Kilo

    Hey Marc, And I thought http://www.onlywatch.com was the most disgusting, gratuitous and evil watchporn site, only visited by degenerate and filthy people. LOL!!!!!!! Happy new year to you, your good family and all fellow subscribers.

    Jan 07, 2017

  • Edwin González

    Edwin González

    Thank you very much The Watches tv for your company and for your dedication in showing all these wonderful pieces that are transformed into much more than tools to measure the time, happy new year¡¡¡¡

    Jan 02, 2017

  • POLO  Lifestyle Magazine

    POLO Lifestyle Magazine

    Fantastic Watch Channel. Here our POLO & Lifestyle TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZBQLSt6qMA&feature=share

    Jan 01, 2017

  • HilleCine


    the perfect thing to watch in bed,-)

    Jan 01, 2017

  • Dang Khoaa

    Dang Khoaa


    Dec 31, 2016

  • BDF30



    Dec 31, 2016

  • dinesh jiawan

    dinesh jiawan

    Happy 😊 new year to you all watch enthusiasts!!!!

    Dec 31, 2016

  • JF schnell

    JF schnell

    thanks to smart watches and their fake watch faces I definitely want to start a serious watch collection. and no... never bought a smart watch

    Dec 30, 2016

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