Oct 6, 2016

Visit to Audemars Piguet Grand Complication Workshop – Ep. 4 – WATCHMAKING ROADTRIP

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It was time for the crew of our Watchmaking Roadtrip to leave Geneva, direction the Vallée-de-Joux, the heart of complicated watchmaking. But before getting there, we made a quick detour to a rather special chalet, sitting above Montreux and offering us an incredible view on the Lake Geneva. This was where we met a team of Audemars Piguet and none else than Olivier Audemars, one of the direct descendants of the two founders of the famous brand.

Audemars Piguet had just unveiled an important restoration project, but not one you could immediately imagine, since it partnered with the Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the world’s most important jazz gathering, on the restoration and digitalisation of all the music archives of the festival, whose first edition was precisely 50 years ago. This notion of memory preservation is naturally something very dear to many watchmakers.

But it was then time for us to hop on our bus and head to Le Brassus, home of the brand, and we immediately started with a very interesting visit of the Grande Complication workshop, where Audemars Piguet crafts and assembles some very impressive timepieces, but only 8 per year, and you will soon know why.

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  • John Van Wyk

    John Van Wyk

    Excellent video! Thank you for posting this. How did these people get to take this trip?

    Jul 05, 2018

  • aslesh


    It's very nice to see ur journey .....

    Dec 09, 2017

  • Alex P

    Alex P

    Fantastic experience! I can't imagine anything more inspiring to actually visit and be welcomed by one of the hallmark firms in watchmaking history. Bravo!

    Sep 07, 2017

  • Moody Ali

    Moody Ali

    Am addicted to this channel Awsome

    Jun 07, 2017

  • John Chen

    John Chen

    how do we get to join next year?

    Dec 19, 2016

  • Milan Asanovic

    Milan Asanovic

    Another fantastic video in a great series.

    Dec 13, 2016

  • dinesh jiawan

    dinesh jiawan

    Very impressive sir. How can I apply for this tour? By the way, very nice classic VW bus👍😉

    Oct 14, 2016

  • Steve Fournier

    Steve Fournier

    I want to be next ?

    Oct 13, 2016

  • Wuey Wuen Wong

    Wuey Wuen Wong

    I'm so jealous!! When is the next one Marc??

    Oct 09, 2016

  • Kwek Joo Chuan

    Kwek Joo Chuan

    so nice

    Oct 09, 2016

  • Edwin González

    Edwin González

    Este canal es maravilloso ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    Oct 09, 2016

  • chronoevolution


    What a great series. Thank you for taking us all along with you. My favorite watch channel by far.

    Oct 09, 2016

  • so crispy

    so crispy

    WOW I am learning so much!!!

    Oct 08, 2016

  • Eli Law

    Eli Law

    I also love this series. Please keep making more videos and keep on enjoying yourselves.

    Oct 08, 2016

  • Maxime Thériault

    Maxime Thériault

    I knew the food looked good! La raclette on a ça au Québec aussi!

    Oct 08, 2016



    I love the way the guy from Lebanon talks , he has so much passion and great at describing stuff

    Oct 07, 2016

  • anabollly



    Oct 07, 2016

  • Rizal Abdurrachman

    Rizal Abdurrachman

    It's unforgettable moment in their life! Glad to see they're enjoy the journey, especially Bashir. Yes, I am jealous with them hahaha.

    Oct 07, 2016

  • Jack Nunez

    Jack Nunez

    How the hell does anyone thumbs down this video

    Oct 07, 2016

  • JDO358


    This must have been a dream come true for these guys. This is really awesome! If you plan to organise a similar tour next year, I volunteer :)

    Oct 06, 2016

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