Jul 22, 2014

Victorinox, an iconic Swiss brand

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For its 130th anniversary, Victorinox, the brand behind the legendary Swiss Army knife, greeted TheWATCHES.tv in Ibach in the Canton of Schwiz right in the middle of Switzerland. Mr Carl Elsener, CEO and 5th generation owner of this iconic brand shared with us the spirit and values that are so profound in the daily management and development of the company.

More than 20 years ago, Victorinox introduced timpepieces to its portfolio of products and this now represents 20% of the turnover of the company. So just a few weeks before the introduction of a major new watch (we'll keep you posted), let's find out more about this iconic brand in the postcard scenery of Switzerland.

Carl Elsener, CEO of Victorinox Carl Elsener, CEO of Victorinox

The Swiss iconic Victorinox Swiss Armiy Knife The iconic Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

A super complicated Victorinox knife We know about complicated watches, but this knife isn't bad either!!!

Victorinox Headquarters in Ibach Victorinox Headquarters in Ibach

TheWATCHESrv at victorinox TheWATCHES.tv at Victorinox, Ibach, Switzerland

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    I've got one. Because, I need one. Really.

    Sep 06, 2014

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