Jan 6, 2016

TheWATCHES.tv looking for “Patrons”…

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We’re from Geneva, Switzerland and as good little Swiss guys we’re totally passionate about watchmaking and it’s now been 4 years that we cover mechanical watchmaking through our videos. Our main goal is to share with you what it’s all about in a fun, fresh and informative way and with more than 10'000 video views per day, we're delighted to feel that we're on the right track!

We find it fascinating that in the 21st century and in ever-so developing digital world, well there still is space for a 500-year old craft that deconstructs a very intangible notion, time, into a mechanical object.

But this craft isn’t glued in the past and has managed to adapt and integrate for instance technology and push some design boundaries to continuously develop and improve the very notion of watchmaking.

We love the simple fact that to be a successful watchmaker, you need to be creative and at the same time think like an engineer. It’s a bit schizophrenic and we just love this challenge and want to make you discover or better understand the intricacy behind this.

Putting more than 500 components in a volume smaller than a matchbox is something rather crazy and having all these components work in a harmonious and reliable way, even crazier!

So how do they do it? Well that’s our mission to uncover this magic and we want to pursue doing so in an entertaining and engaging way, but to further improve this we want to dedicate more of our time to it, add some resources, for instance more 3D graphics to help understand some complexity behind these crafts.

In addition of our current coverage, we have some pretty clear ideas of what we would like to produce in the near future. For instance we want to create the ultimate video watchmaking glossary and do this with the very best watchmakers you will ever be able to meet, we want to produce specific sagas on some important themes of watchmaking, go to crazy watchmaking events, follow some serious collectors…

Well we know that there are still 1’000 stories to be told but we need your support, reason why we are now launching this Patreon campaign and we also think that it’s just magical that today we can achieve this a collaborative way, you and us!

So you are naturally invited to pledge a monthly budget on Patreon, please remember that this is not binding and you can stop whenever you want, but of course we will do our maximum to earn your long-term support.

Thanks so much in advance and I can promise that we will bring you some cool swiss-made videos on watchmaking and the universe around it. Enjoy!

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  • Christophe Chardon

    Christophe Chardon

    Que vous ne soyez pas foutus dans ce monde de marchands de cochons de récupérer les miettes pour faire leur pub me fascine ! Réclamer du fric aux crevards qui ne pourront très certainement jamais 's'offrir une des montres dont vous faites la promotion est plutôt culotté !

    Jan 21, 2016

  • funky3ddy


    What you do can be described in three words: labour of love. Too bad I can't support you financially right now, but you'll always have my views ;) I personally would like to see hands-on, in-depth reviews.

    Dec 23, 2015

  • Paul M.

    Paul M.

    Love your channel. Would be great to have interviews with collectors. Must be insane in Europe. J'adore votre enthousiasme.

    Dec 23, 2015

  • ThisIsAFakeAccount


    Really hard not to love this channel

    Dec 22, 2015

  • MrMuttonhollow


    Keep up the good work. Love the channel.

    Dec 22, 2015

  • timstring0902


    Currently I don't have a credit card but I promise you I will become a patron as soon as I have one :)

    Dec 22, 2015

  • Kognition Wings

    Kognition Wings


    Dec 22, 2015

  • MB Farber

    MB Farber

    Do I donate on your site? Love your videos. Thank you.

    Dec 22, 2015

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