Apr 7, 2016

The Prestigious WOSTEP International Watch School

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And all of a sudden, learning how to properly make watches becomes a priority in one’s life. This is precisely what happened to students at WOSTEP, the Watchmakers Of Switzerland Training and Educational Program. Coming from Australia, South Korea, and Norway, to name just a few countries, these students were perhaps once upon a time jewelers, chefs, or opera singers. Now they attend the two-year course (3,200 hours) in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, where this educational foundation is located. When they’re done, these students will be master watchmakers. And they are among the horological elite as demand is huge for the few places offered, and the selection process very demanding.

Founded in 1966 by a consortium of various Swiss watch companies wanting to improve the quality of their after sale service watchmakers worldwide, it became an independent non-profit foundation in 2006. WOSTEP also offers other, shorter and more specialized classes on site.

WOSTEP has developed a concept of standardized classes, which includes all materials such as workbenches, tools, and of course a teaching syllabus. Thus, the school can ensure reactive and efficient international presence that respects the same high level of education as in Neuchâtel.

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  • andreas armyrantis

    andreas armyrantis

    I graduated 2 years ago, and plan to go to vostep later this year in november, for an extensive 3 week course in chronographs. The Danish watchmaker education use the wostep curriculum as a base, but primarily focus on just one chronograph, including it's siblings (ETA 775X--776X) and the chronographs used in the Vostep chrono course is of course Valjoux 7750, later called ETA, and a Classic Lemania cal. 1873, Omega used it in SpeedMaster and called it cal. 861, and a Valjoux 23 and a Frederic Piguet cal. 1180 which is the star of the show, since it's very thin, and use column Wheel, vertical chrono clutch and a special 3 point simultaneous reset hammer, and is used in the absolut tip tip of luxury watches. i look forward to it.

    Jan 09, 2019

  • watchman56able


    This video should mention Tony Simonen as the school would not exist without him. He kept it alive through sheer force of will through the dark times when the watch companys would have abondoned it. He was farseeing in the need for this school. He should get much credit. The world is better for this school and he should be recognized.

    Jun 10, 2018

  • jere matthew johnson

    jere matthew johnson

    they are my closing my horological school sept-sept 1987-1989 bishop state southwest state Mobile al. i learned on Bulova Tag Heuer tissot seiko bume mecir benrus hats off to all in the watch business C ANT SPELL

    Apr 11, 2017

  • giuliano berardinelli

    giuliano berardinelli

    i'llbe there, definitely.

    Sep 19, 2016

  • Dear Kate

    Dear Kate

    I've just been offered a place at the british school of watchmaking which teaches the WOSTEP curriculum

    Apr 19, 2016

  • Edwin González

    Edwin González

    as I would like to study there ....it´s amazing be a creator of these wonderful pieces, I hope someday I can fulfill my dream. I want it

    Apr 17, 2016

  • manduheavy vazquez

    manduheavy vazquez

    This is greatness. Maybe if I was not architect will be watch maker. Is my second passion,,......the architecture give me all but i love my watches and all mechanical watches. Awesome. Is architecture in miniature.

    Apr 13, 2016

  • Sean Coleman

    Sean Coleman

    As a child and teen, I loved just sitting and making models—cars, planes, etc. I can appreciate the attraction of this kind of work and the dedicated temperament required. Fascinating feature, thank you!

    Apr 09, 2016

  • watchesali swiss

    watchesali swiss

    i wanna do this traning

    Apr 09, 2016

  • David Fredlein

    David Fredlein

    WOO! Australian student!

    Apr 08, 2016

  • SoCalFreelance


    I'm surprised at how diverse the student body is, students are from all over the world. I suppose that makes sense since most will probably go back to their home countries and service high end mechanical watches.

    Apr 07, 2016

  • SK97


    Im doing this 3,000 hours Wostep program. It is hard, but I love it.

    Apr 07, 2016

  • Jeviar Firsta

    Jeviar Firsta

    it's been awhile since I saw Peter last August!!! please say my regards to him from watchmaking school in Kuala Lumpur! his hulk rolex is amazing as well! 😄😄😄

    Apr 07, 2016

  • Tristan Reeves

    Tristan Reeves

    It's an amazing program, they just don't tell you the cost.

    Apr 07, 2016

  • TheAppleG1


    Voir tous ces tours a pivoter me stress trop...j'ai des examens d'entrée dans 2 semaines :S

    Apr 07, 2016

  • OpalKingdom


    good video , thank you

    Apr 07, 2016

  • Norse


    That's soo cool! I'm going to apply for the Swedish WOSTEP-certified watch making school this fall!

    Apr 07, 2016

  • Ahmed Djent

    Ahmed Djent

    Awesome! Wish I can attend 🙁

    Apr 07, 2016

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