Sep 26, 2014

Making A Classic High-End Dial

Tags: Dial, Fabrication, Graining, Hand-made, Index, Parmigiani Fleurier, Tonda 1950

Impeccable, appealing and perfectly balanced, the dial of a high-end watch is a real tour de force to design and produce. We visited dial manufacturer Quadrance, who works for renowned and mostly classic brands. We followed the process needed to produce a Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950, watching precisely how a plate of brass is transformed into the final product. Did you know, for instance, that one coating comprises cream of tartar, a form of potassium?

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  • đáo nguyễn trọng

    đáo nguyễn trọng

    Dear Sir. Could you please help me how to make color for dial? Thanks in advance

    Feb 23, 2019

  • aoxilus


    my Mickey Mouse watch is way more complicated than that

    May 06, 2018

  • hs Lee

    hs Lee

    1:12 what is that machine? where I buy that machine?

    Feb 09, 2018

  • Nader Nikmorad

    Nader Nikmorad

    I have better designs for you ,at least you owe it to these machines to create better. although you might be selling well but design is so important. these need to be taken to another level.

    Oct 18, 2017

  • rock Arrowsmith

    rock Arrowsmith

    Don't see workers wear gloves to protect themselves

    Aug 15, 2017

  • your data24

    your data24

    We travel via the magic of the WATCHES TV MAD BABY MAD 👏👏👏👏👏🌚

    Jun 11, 2017

  • Alan Lilja

    Alan Lilja

    Do they sell the famus B-uhr dials?

    Mar 05, 2017

  • Tomasina Covell

    Tomasina Covell

    What is they made a fired enamel dial disk plate out of Nivrox, wouldn't it resist hairline fractures of the enamel over time better than brass?

    Jan 30, 2017

  • Wanderlustts


    May I ask what lacquer is being used? :)

    May 26, 2016

  • JSJWatchingWatches


    Nice walktrough! :)

    Feb 07, 2016

  • Waleed Rezq

    Waleed Rezq


    Feb 02, 2016

  • Max Lindner

    Max Lindner

    I am new to this channel, but did they really call them selves "A MAD IN SWITZERLAND COMPANY" at the end??? XDXDXD

    Dec 28, 2015

  • flexibil29


    I have a Rolex OysterDate Precision ref. 6466 ( Midsize ) and I need to repaint the DISC DATE , could you help me ? Thank you !

    Nov 03, 2015

  • Visores Colector

    Visores Colector

    cool, just wondering, what is design software to create the first face of the dials?

    Jun 09, 2015

  • ray


    Great video..  I too am amazed at how detailed the dials are.  These people are artists without a doubt.    

    Mar 28, 2015

  • The Geezer

    The Geezer


    Mar 26, 2015

  • Rusty Cox

    Rusty Cox

    It still amazes me at not only the amount of engineering that goes into a watch of this calibre, but just how much delicate work also is involved in creating a masterpiece like this. Thank you for the video and keep em coming!

    Nov 20, 2014

  • yiannis merianos

    yiannis merianos

    Nice video!

    Nov 18, 2014

  • panagranit pana

    panagranit pana

    How long does it take to make the dial?? Great video!

    Nov 18, 2014

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