Jan 11, 2017

Crafting your Leather Strap with Hermès

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  • Paul B

    Paul B

    This is not true handmaking. There are quite a few processes here - such as the use of stamps - that replace hand-cutting, with the clear aim of speeding up production and deskilling the task so that it can be performed by a series of less skilled operatives, rather than a single craftsman. This is hardly surprising. Hermès make fashion watches, in relatively large quantities, and their main competition comes from other high-fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel, rather than from pure watch manufacturers. Like other fashion items, they are subject to enormous markups, and are less valuable than their prices suggest. As the narrator points out, as watches they are nothing special. The brand has no real horological history. The watches are just platforms for the brand, like perfume or luggage. You can see a more completely handmade strap made here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLP3GSlFhYo

    Oct 28, 2018

  • Fernando Orihuela

    Fernando Orihuela

    Only bummer is to see that not all of it is truly hands made

    Jun 08, 2018

  • Patti DelMercado

    Patti DelMercado

    That is sad. Hopefully somewhere there is an alligator making something as frivolous as a watch band from the skin of a Hermes employee.

    Jan 29, 2018

  • Straps Guy

    Straps Guy

    Very interesting ! Great job !

    Jan 06, 2018

  • Faisal Bader

    Faisal Bader

    so hermes is not handmade afterall..

    Nov 20, 2017

  • Matthew Ainsley

    Matthew Ainsley

    Handmade straps from a small company I can appreciate massively. Unfortunately, I do have a problem with companies such as this that mass produce. Efficiency is their main priority and as a result, so much machinery is involved and there is such an unbelievable amount of wastage. There is absolutely no skill involved in creating what people probably think of as a work of art. I do appreciate this video as it shows a different side to the industry. I think I will stick with buying from small, individual sellers.

    Oct 26, 2017

  • Joe Bailey

    Joe Bailey

    It's farmed skin vegans

    Oct 23, 2017

  • bazdu


    Oh wow, seems like they are using like 40% of the alligator leather. I wouldn't mind taking the other parts :D

    Oct 11, 2017

  • LaLaLaReina


    They try really hard to hype up the hardwork, manual labor, done by artisan, effort, time, etc. to justify the price but I see their workers aren't as meticulous in making the straps. The glueing has some fold-up leather, the sewing is so inconsistent, the edging is also haphazardly done that it's spilling and some of the sewing has the edge paint too. Like I notice these things and I'm not even quality assurance team of any company, but these hermes staff don't? How disappointing. From what I see, the reason their production is low volume is because they have few employees compared to a mass production chinese factory. These hermes workers should be ashamed when called artisans.

    Oct 07, 2017

  • Picasso nova

    Picasso nova

    Does anyone know where we can find the velodon ? Any ideas what this is ? she's talking about "velodon" something about 4:40 Thanks

    Sep 13, 2017

  • Ryan Hustler

    Ryan Hustler

    What an annoyingly pretentious woman. Reminds me of cruella de ville. Great show tho.

    Aug 24, 2017

  • Sea Edu

    Sea Edu

    sorry to the gators but...but i just love the feel gator skin on my wrist...

    Aug 12, 2017

  • Justmyopinionlol


    White people force poor Africans to not kill lions that eat their children and Indonesian villagers from killing pythons that destroy their subsistence family chicken farms in the name of wildlife protection. Yet, if you check the closet of average white people all over the world, there is at least a few products made from endangered species for no reason at all other than fashion and ostentatious display of wealth. This sadistic hypocrisy must end.

    Aug 05, 2017

  • jeff young

    jeff young

    That woman is like the Tim Gunn of leather

    Jun 20, 2017

  • Adam Insanoff

    Adam Insanoff

    They just talk what they do, instead of how they do.

    Feb 07, 2017

  • Miguel G

    Miguel G

    Awesome, once again. If you have any extras, send them my way please :)

    Jan 14, 2017

  • Jonathan Ferrer

    Jonathan Ferrer

    That was an excellent in depth look with Hermes! Great job!! Looking forward to your next video.

    Jan 14, 2017

  • so crispy

    so crispy

    awesome. your youtube channel should be made into a television show!!!

    Jan 12, 2017

  • Noel Mcdonagh

    Noel Mcdonagh

    Great video! Makes me love my Hermes cuffs even more - visual balance against my watch on my other wrist. Need to actually purchase Hermes watch straps. Their alligator is exception, unlike pretty much all the other brands sadly.

    Jan 12, 2017

  • Factologist


    Here come the vegans...

    Jan 12, 2017

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