Nov 16, 2016

9.6 Mio Swiss Francs Record As If You Were There: Patek Philippe Ref. 1518

Tags: Aurel Bacs, Important Watch Auction, Omega, Patek Philippe, Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo, Record auction, Ref.1518, Rolex, Speedmaster Alaska II

We knew the bids were going to be high for the ultra rare steel Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 during the latest important watch auction held by Phillips Bacs & Russo and we were for sure not disappointed!

This video report simply let's you relive this moment as if you were in the room with us as we witnessed the fight between two tenacious collectors; one of them walking away with this incredible timepiece for a staggering 9.6 Million Swiss Francs (plus commission!!!).

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  • Haroon Ahmed

    Haroon Ahmed

    And only the Arabs blamed for spending lavishly !!! ??

    Nov 04, 2018

  • e james

    e james

    I have one of these and a faberge egg from czar and a rembrandt.........my only earthly possessions.

    Feb 19, 2018

  • e james

    e james

    there are no swiss francs.......there are no french francs...............only euro's.

    Feb 19, 2018

  • Saif Allah Samih

    Saif Allah Samih

    I love the patek philippe

    Nov 04, 2017

  • Gaysil Naubert

    Gaysil Naubert

    That was certainly crazy but not in a good way :/

    Sep 03, 2017

  • Dimi Choueiry

    Dimi Choueiry


    Dec 12, 2016

  • kejah


    The fuck.. you know how many super cars you can buy with that right/?!

    Nov 22, 2016

  • Nuno Teixeira

    Nuno Teixeira

    So cool...thanks for sharing!

    Nov 22, 2016

  • JF schnell

    JF schnell

    just 9,6 mil CHF? With that price I think I could buy 2 of those :D mama mia too much money for a watch

    Nov 18, 2016

  • M. Hamza

    M. Hamza

    Qui est la femme dans 1:05?

    Nov 17, 2016

  • M. Hamza

    M. Hamza

    The girl at 1:05...

    Nov 17, 2016

  • SoCalFreelance


    That price doesn't make any sense to me. Perhaps if you're a billionaire and have an exquisite Patek collection and looking for the rarest pieces for your collection it makes sense.

    Nov 17, 2016

  • Juan Pablo Terrazas

    Juan Pablo Terrazas

    Man! Would have been much better if you'd kept the winner a secret until the end of the video. Great content though!

    Nov 16, 2016

  • Meryem ENOUSKI

    Meryem ENOUSKI

    Et dans le même temps qu'a duré cette vente aux enchères, des centaines d'enfants sont morts de faim... Grace en partit à des milliers de connard qui ce payent des montres à des millions d'euros! Bien jouer bande de grosses merdes sur pieds! ❤️❤️❤️

    Nov 16, 2016

  • ianmedium


    Applauding for an obscene amount of money for a watch which will end up in a safe until another rich idiot spends more, Is this really what horology has sunk to? I see nothing in this auction that celebrates horology just the celebration of people with far too much money.

    Nov 16, 2016



    Wow... that's a lot of money!

    Nov 16, 2016

  • Crunch Black

    Crunch Black

    Holy momma! Thanks a million Marc. After handling the Patek 5016 at Only Watch 2015 and seeing it go for over 7 million Swiss Francs I literally started eating my hat. And now...... I almost choked on a frankfurter (well, it's called a banger in Britain). Lol! Seriously! Almost had a coronary!

    Nov 15, 2016

  • Claus-L. Müller

    Claus-L. Müller


    Nov 15, 2016

  • Amintas Neto

    Amintas Neto

    Simply amazing! Kudos for Phillips & Bacs for making happen.

    Nov 15, 2016

  • Laurent K

    Laurent K

    Merci pour cette vidéo (et pour le cameo à 1:41) ! Au plaisir de vous recroiser lors d'un autre événement horloger !

    Nov 15, 2016

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